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How do we push the boundaries of our limitations without becoming superheroes? Can the realm of the possible be balanced with the one of the imaginary? At the core of Zeneli’s research is the redefinition of the idea of failure, utopia and dream as the elements that open possible alternatives.   Starting from the story of his father in his film ‘When I grow up I want to be an Artist’ (2007) Zeneli combines a personal and a collective story, politics, historical time, while adding elements such as: irony, myth, the fake, utopia, dreams, betrayal, transformation. These elements are present in his more recent works, filmic or performative, as well as in his constant engagement with several educational institutions where he presents the history of ‘failed artists’, with the aim of including this research in the curriculum of art schools. Film is used by Zeneli to sculpt place and time. To play with architecture, history and the several stories that can be attached to them, is for his filmic …

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Short Bio

It would not be possible to leave planet earth unless gravity existed - 2017

Le pensionnaire absent - 2016

The Unknown Soldier - 2009

Venezia - 2016


When Dreams Become Necessity, Trilogy (2009-2014)

The Art Pacemaker - 2013

Unlikely Collisions - 2014

Born in U.S and A - 2007